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Originally Posted by Darth Macca
In Episode II when Obi-Wan has been captured and is locked inside a ray shield, Count Dooku explains to him that Darth Sidious is in control of the Separadists and the Republic. He says "Join me and we can end the Sith...". Is Dooku being genuine? Does he actually want to kill Sidious and the remiaining Sith? Or is it just a decoy of some sort to kill Obi-Wan?

I think that Dooku wanted to take Palpatine's place as Dark Lord of the Sith. He was going to use Obi-Wan to help him kill him, then Dooku would kill Obi-Wan. It was the same with Vader. Vader tried to get Luke to join him and overthrow Palpatine, then probably take over the Galaxy for himself.
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