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Where you look at everything as part of a whole and the greatest victory is one acheived without violence. I guess this would make them grey but leaning towards the DS.

Isint this basicaly what kreia was teaching us in TSL??

There can be no grey side because the denile of good and evil is evil. If one denise good, he denise that an evil action is worng because if there is no good there is no evil, which makes any action Acceptable whether it be donating to charity or enilating an entire planet.

Evil is not the hatred of good but the denile of the existence of good its self.

Obi Wan- Anakin, the sith are evil!!!

Ankain- In my opinion the jedi are evil!!!

XI33- In my opinion you should be having a lightsaber fight not disscussing moral relativism.

EpI,II and III
EpIV,V and VI

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