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Rioko heard a sound as he was walking to the GPC area. Rioko"Psychic Wave!
The massive burst of psychic energy sent the person (who is Raz) crashing through the roof of a cabin.
Raz: Yep. Thats rioko alright. Hello.
Yunnie,Chloe, and Rose: Who are you?
Raz: My name is Raz. I'm a temporary counselor. I may not seem old but believe me. I'm a fully fledged Psychonaut. The dude who sent me crashing in here was Rioko. He was the person to put the former two counselor in a hospital. He isn't a very nice person. He is lives on the abandoned island along with 4 other people. If you value your life don't tick him off. Anyway i have to go find my friend Liliy.
Rose: I saw her a while ago. Near the GPC area.
Raz: Thanks.

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