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First of all, concerning the ongoing question of how the PC aquires the Ebon Hawk, and how will the PC of K3 aquire the Ebon Hawk, please look here for the long version of my take on the answer .

Now, on to what I don't want to see:
1. a new ship.

2. an entirely new crew. Leave us HK and T3, at least.

3. the same, exact game mechanics. "you have to face overwhelming odds in a battle upon which the fate of the galaxy hinges. You have TEN companions to aid you, which TWO will you choose?

4.scenerios where the only real solution is the old standby "kill 'em all and let the force sort 'em out!"

5. Dumb murder mysteries which consist largely of waiting for transition screens. (area A: ask question. Answer leads to area B, where you pick up an item that leads you back to area A. Repeat over and over until you want to pitch the game disc out the window of a fast moving tie fighter)

6. incomplete or incompletable side quests.

7. tiny areas

8. closed game universe. NWN has shown you can create a decent single player game and still leave openings for unlimited play. Let's see that in KOTOR!

9. More pointless swoop racing.

10. Amnesia victims

11. Idiot jedi masters who first teach you fighting techniques and answer all your questions, then later forget everything and attack you as though YOU were the problem. Obviously the force isn't proof against alzheimers.

12. Cripplingly limited response paths for LS/DS gain. There are more paths to the light or dark than the intillectual hippie or psychotic.

13. The requirement for petty theft, pilferage, and looting the dead to finance my mission.
13a. Rank and file NPCs completely ignoring said pilferage without comment.

14. static party choices.

15. early cap on NPC conversation. (like Atton, f'rinstance. Yak yak yak until he's a jedi and then nothing! Give me longer dialog paths!

16. The same areas of the same planets all over again. I refuse to believe that there isn't anything on Korriban beyond that stupid valley!

17. Fractured plots, contradictory dialog, single path solutions, or the requirement to take an NPC who completely opposes your goals and provides no other benefit <COUGH!>G0-T0<COUGH!>

18. the need to politely put up with the crap some sanctimoneous goober in a ratty robe thinks he's good enough to shovel at you simply in order to avoid dark side points. Yes, Vrook, I'm talking to YOU! You weasel!

just for starters......
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