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More and More to Come

Here is some more stuff that could be included in the boot camp, although my memory is a bit hazy on some of this stuff (and I'm out of touch on the modern strategies), so someone should probably look this stuff over and make sure it is valid.

Maps – (Team) Deathmatch

Arena A17

Key weapons: Blaster Attachment/ACP Repeater, Anti-Armor Attachment, Shotgun, Heavy Repeater

Basic strategy: This is a small map with lots of open room, expect a lot of killing. As a result, most of the killing will just be done with the regular blaster attachment, if you are good with it you can pick up a nice score here. There is a heavy repeater in the middle of the map which can help out, as well as an aa attachment and a shotgun on each side. There are corridors on the ends of the middle of the map that make grenades very useful.

Arena G9

Key weapons: Blaster Attachment/ACP Repeater, Concussion Rifle, Rocket Launcher

Basic strategy: This is a lot like Arena A17, with a few adjustments and different weapons placements. The key difference is an anti-grav area on each side of the map. This allows you to quickly move from one end of the map to the other, but leaves you somewhat vulnerable to attack. Another important thing about these areas is they give you access to two weapons that cannot be gotten on the ground, the Sniper Attachment and the Rocket Launcher. To reach these, you need to get a running start toward the anti-grav areas while looking towards the floor. Just before you enter the anti-grav area, jump and move your sight to looking up. This will launch you very high, and if you move out of them in the middle, you can land in an octagonal area that will have either a Sniper Attachment or Rocket Launcher (one on each side). This maneuver requires practice, it is recommended to create a solo game to perfect it. The Rocket Launcher is very good in this level, so it is worthwhile, but don’t let trying to get up there distract you, or you will not do well score-wise. This map also has a good number of grenades available, so expect to see them widely used.


Key weapons: Shotgun, AA Attachment, Heavy Repeater, Rocket Launcher

Basic strategy: This is another small, open map. On one end there is an enclosed area, but it is very easy to be killed there. The relatively open nature of the map makes target locks with the Rocket Launcher very easy, so it is a good weapon to use. The small size of the map provides a fairly target rich environment, so the Heavy Repeater can rack up good kills (but beware the reload time, target rich means you are a target for many people, too). The easy access to these two weapons means that keeping a few grenades handy can be a valuable countermeasure. The small size also means its easy to reach close range, and the Shotgun can be used well here, too.


Key weapons: Shotgun, Bowcaster, Heavy Repeater

Basic strategy: This is the last of the small maps, but it is much less open. Consisting primarily of two small areas with a few paths connecting them, this map can be good for turning a corner and taking out an enemy with a reflex shot. As a result, weapons that are effective at close range and can take down an enemy in one shot (Bowcaster and Shotgun) can be very useful. Also due to the small areas, grenades are very effective (no where to run), especially when the Heavy Repeater is easily attainable.


Key weapons: Shotgun, Sniper Attachment, Concussion Rifle, Heavy Repeater

Basic strategy: This map has two levels, with two sides of the top area containing bases (relatively small areas) and two sides containing small areas with Sniper Attachments. In the middle is a wide-open area. The Shotgun is very effective in the “base” and “sniper” areas, as well as some tunnels connecting the base to the ground level. The Sniper Attachment is useful in targeting the middle area, especially since the “base” and “sniper” areas have blast shields, that can protect the sniper before he/she is ready to shoot (although the sniper is still susceptible to an attack from behind). The ground area also contains a Concussion Rifle and a Heavy Repeater, controlling these can turn the tide in your favor.


Key weapons: Shotgun, Bowcaster, Concussion Rifle, Rocket Launcher

Basic strategy: This map has small areas along the outsides, and a large long area in the middle. The small areas are, as always, good places to use the Shotgun and the Bowcaster. The Bowcaster can also be used well as a sniper rifle, to target the open middle area from the high, enclosed areas on the sides (among other locations). The Concussion Rifle is available on the ends of the map, and in good supply. The uneven nature of this map gives lots of good places to fire the Concussion Rifle, and make this one of the best maps to use it on. The Rocket Launcher can dominate the middle area. Combining the fact that getting a target lock is fairly easy with the fact that the uneven shape of the map gives good odds on a hit without a lock, the Rocket Launcher does pretty good here, as well.


Key weapons: AA Attachment, Concussion Rifle, Heavy Repeater

Basic strategy: This map primarily has a lot of medium sized areas, with a few small areas mixed in. Getting to the Heavy Repeater first (it is right in the middle of the map) will automatically give you a nice edge, but the Concussion Rifle is more quickly available, and can pose a major threat to the slow moving Heavy Repeater. Grenades and the AA Attachment both tend to be pretty effective weapons here, as well.


Key weapons: Shotgun, AA Attachment, Heavy Repeater

Basic strategy: This is the map of the Shotgun. The Shotgun is the preferred weapon by most on this map. The ready supply, the twisting corridors, the narrow tunnels, and the areas with many obstacles makes this weapon extremely powerful here. There are also a few open areas where the AA Attachment is good, and it is useful even in the twisting corridors, so don’t count it out. The Heavy Repeater tends to be a small player on this map, but that is mostly due to its relatively unnoticed position. The fact that few really notice it makes it worthy of notice. It is in the middle room, on a hanging piece of catwalk, and as is true most of the time, it is a very good weapon to get.


Key weapons: AA Attachment, Concussion Rifle, Rocket Launcher

Basic strategy: This is the easiest map to get lost in. Learning to navigate it properly is one of the most important steps in this map. Once you know your way around, you can do pretty good with just about any weapon, but the AA Attachment, Concussion Rifle, and Rocket Launcher tend to be the ones I see used most effectively here.


Key weapons: Sniper Attachment, Heavy Repeater, Rocket Launcher

Basic strategy: This map has two large bases separated by a bridge, and an alternate path under the bridge. The Sniper Attachment and Rocket Launcher can turn the bridge into an absolute killing field, and the low road, while generally less traveled, can lead to competition for control of the Heavy Repeater. Getting any of these three weapons (if you are good at using them) will give you pretty good power. But with the need to stay in one spot and line up a shot with the sniper, and the slow movement of the Heavy Repeater and Rocket Launcher, a grenadier can get a lot of kills here sometimes.


Key weapons: Sniper Attachment, AA Attachment, Concussion Rifle, Rocket Launcher

Basic Strategy: This map is two large open spaces, with about 4 routes between them. There is a small room/corridor connecting the two directly. There is a high route that is a good place to snipe from (or pick up an AA Attachment). There is an underground tunnel where you can pick up the Rocket Launcher. Lastly, there is a low gravity area outside you can use to jump from one base to the other. Due to large, wide-open nature of the map, sniping or launching rockets are very good methods of attack.

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