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Originally Posted by jomaster
one thing that makes SW fiction so great for me is the fact that it all fits together so perfectly.
Whilst not perfect in any sense, the overall continuity of SW/EU isnt *too* bad at all... especially compared to other EU franchises (points at Trek EU) Not too long after the modern EU era kicked off(with the Thrawn Trilogy) Lucasfilm Licensing *employed* people to keep track of this type of stuff. As far as novels go especially, things gel together reasonably well. In the NJO, there was a conscious effort by authors and continuity people to tie as many loose threads together as they could and incorporate different arms of EU into lit-EU. Thus, characters like Kyle Katarn started appearing in books etc.

I myself wouldnt be too willing to mark off items listed by the mighty Kurgan as outright contradictions..... Alot of those questions should be prefaced with

a) from what you see in the movies
b) from EU sources

sometimes if a) cannot offer an answer, often b) can. As far as contradications are concerned, those *within* a) are very limited. Those between a) and b) and within b) are more numerous, but thanks to the NJO and Esssential Guides have been ironed out to a degree. Making so many different pieces of Lore fit together without retconning is almost impossible given the way the different arms of Lucasfilm licensing work and the fact that GL has the final say on anything - which counted not only for the PT but will be evident in the upcoming CHI and live action series...

Im looking forward to see what they come up with


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