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(you are really bored. I'm not. I just bought kindom hearts 2!)
Rioko stared at yunnie and felt an odd energy. He had somehow felt this energy before, but that hasn't happened since his brother was still alive.
"follow me" said rioko. Rioko ran to the GPC area and jumped down into sasha's lab. There was boyd meditating with a milk bottle in his hand. and 5 colored stones. "See those stones. Those are colored psytanium crystals. They glow whenever a person worthy of their power comes near. They are black, which is mine, white, which belongs to raz, red, green, and blue which seems to belong to you. You have the same strange energy as my deceased brother who was the original owner of the blue crystal. Take it but watch as there are dark souls who will stop at nothing to kill you and take the crystal. stay on your gaurd. " said Rioko. Then Rioko disappeared in a flash leaving Yunnie dazed and confused. Rioko appeared at the thorny towers ruins and so was Raz.
Raz: putting yunnie in danger like that by giving her the blue stone is a bad idea.
Rioko: The crystal belongs to its rightful owner. So it's yunnie's crystal.
Raz: You do know that he will stop at nothing to get the crystals.
Rioko: Looks like this year is going to be a little fun.

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