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Originally Posted by ET Warrior
One question I have for people who believe in, say, intelligent design or creationism or whatever outside of evolution, is how does your theory deal with the several mass extinctions the Earth has gone through?

I understand that while the most recent mass extinction 65 mya that brought about the death of the dinosaurs as well as 75% of all the other species on the planet was most likely caused by meteorite impact, (perhaps meteorites are outside of the skills of the intelligent designer?) many of the other mass extinctions are thought to be brought about by natural processes. In particular, the mass extinction at the end of the permian period where as much as 96% of life on the Earth died out is thought to have been brought about by climate change.

There are at least 4 other well known mass extinctions, and how does this fit into the scope of intelligent design? Is the designer just not that intelligent? Made a planet-full of species and then decided that they really weren't that good? Scrap it and make a new batch?
No matter what theory you believe in, whether we came from the sea or God made us as described in genesis. Both would have had to survive mass extinction's.
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