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Originally Posted by ET Warrior
Are you discussing intelligent design in the matter of the creation of all life on this planet? Because if so...I'd love to see that demonstration.

Generally when discussing "Intelligent Design" it's being applied to the belief that the creation of life on this planet was at least guided by some "designer". If this is the case, why did the designer decide to eradicate so much of it's work? For it to be a viable theory it MUST be able to explain why those happened.
No, I was meaning pretty much what Skinwalker said. Using the supernatural in intelligent design is kind of like dividing by infinity. It doesn't come up with a meaningful answer, because you can't define God.

Your second point- the designer doesn't exactly need to watch what the things it created are doing, nor does it have to care about them. Whether or not they get smacked by an asteroid is kind of irrelevant to whether they were designed or not.
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