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Originally Posted by SkinWalker
And yet you felt the need to post here and express your view. It would seem that you find the subject debatable (it isn't, btw). Not all threads in the Senate are "debates." Serious discussion can occur without the need for disagreement. The thread topic is "Evolution - and how we know it's right" not 'evolution vs. creation.'
But that's exactly the point I was making, it isn't debatable, it's just a thread designed to pat yourself on the back about your beliefs. I posted in this thread specifically to point that out. I just had the notion that the senate chambers were reserved for topics that would spark debates. And I came in here finding that no debate was invited. If I made a thread named "Creationism - and how we know it's right" that didn't invite a debate, i'd get floods of posts about evolution from all the rest of the (liberal) senate chamber-goers. And it'd probably end up being called spam and locked down.

Look, first of all, I was not impressed with that post. I was excpecting more from you. You only showed your complete ignorance of the history and beliefs of Christianity. And that you obviously have no place in your heart for any other religion but your own.
Yes, that's right, monkey boy, your beliefs require just as much faith as mine.
You obviously have it engrained into your mind that evolution can do no wrong. But I don't care how much "evidence" your scientists can gather. Evolution is neither provable nor unprovable, just like Christianity, and many other religions.
You might have some predjudice about how much I know about evolution. But I have have seen your "evidence." And I am not impressed.
Remember, I have actually educated myself on both Christianity and evolution. I am a person and I am not delusional. I can be just as smart as you'll ever be. I have opened my mind to evolution, and I am sorely dissapointed.

I'm not going to say anything more about creation because obviously that's not wanted in this thread, and you're clearly not that educated on the matter anyways, so i'm not going to waste my time. I'm also not going to say anything about evoution because I know you'll always think it's without flaw no matter what anyone says about it. So it's rather pointless to try.

The only point to this thread is so you can do your little evolution dance and flaunt around about how you think you're so right and everyone else is so wrong. And anyone who comes in and says otherwise will be doing so against your rules. It's childish at best.
And if you ask me, that doesn't sound like a "serious discussion" or a topic "worthy of Galactic recognition."

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