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First of all, this isn't STRICTLY debate forum. Secondly, discussion of evolution is a serious discussion. Thirdly, you should stop telling a moderator how to moderate their forum.

And finally, to say that Skinwalker is not educated in the matter is inviting a very large, lengthy post showing that Skinwalker very likely knows vastly more than you do on both subjects, which you have shown very little evidence of knowledge on in this thread.
Originally Posted by IG-64
your beliefs require just as much faith as mine.
To say a scientific belief requires faith is pure ignorance about how science itself is structured and works. There is no inherent belief system of science. Science does not want people who simply believe in it. Science wants those who will test, and falsify, and corroborate it's theories.
Originally Posted by IG-64
Evolution is neither provable nor unprovable
There's no such thing as a 'provable' theory, but evolution is VERY disprovable. That's one of the absolute cores in creating a scientific theory, is that it MUST be somehow falsifiable.

Say that, in looking at the fossil record right after the K-T mass extinction we found that there was no gradual return to a wide variety of species. Directly above the K-T boundary there were just billions of new animals everywhere. That would be a pretty strong indication that evolution might have it wrong. The fact that this kind of evidence HASN'T been found is a source of strength for evolution, but it doesn't make it non-falsifiable.
Originally Posted by IG-64
I have opened my mind to evolution, and I am sorely dissapointed.
I'm truly curious what you aren't impressed about in evolution. Are you unimpressed by the logic? By the ever-growing mountain of evidence that continually corroborates the theory? By the fact that in all the years that it has existed nobody has managed to come up with a suitable counter-theory? I'm just wondering.

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