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I simply don't want him to continue saying that a third of the world is dilusional and calling creationists nutters and crap like that, it certainly sounds very ignorant. I admit, sure, maybe he does know more about either subject than me. I don't know. But you can't claim i'm just blindly beliving something and am not educated about all sides of it. It's pretty insulting.

Originally Posted by ET Warrior
which you have shown very little evidence of knowledge on in this thread.
That doesn't mean I don't have the knowledge. I'm just not going to write a book on it just for this thread because that would be pointless. Not to mention unwanted.

Originally Posted by ET Warrior
To say a scientific belief requires faith is pure ignorance about how science itself is structured and works.
Yet you still say it's not provable. If you can't prove it and you can't know for sure, believing it still requires faith.

Originally Posted by ET Warrior
I'm truly curious what you aren't impressed about in evolution. Are you unimpressed by the logic?
Pretty much.

Originally Posted by ET Warrior
Thirdly, you should stop telling a moderator how to moderate their forum.
Why not? I have the right to. I still believe the context of this thread is pointless. And after his shameless slandering torwards all people who don't believe in evolution, I tend to take his rationality into question.

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