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Originally Posted by IG-64
Yet you still say it's not provable. If you can't prove it and you can't know for sure, believing it still requires faith.
not true. I don't BELIEVE in any scientific doctrine. I don't have faith that evolution is the correct theory. I accept the current best theory available to explain a phenomenon. If Evolution is eventually falsified I will stop accepting it, and move on to the new theory.
NOTHING in science is provable. There is no guarantee that ANYTHING we currently accept is the full truth. And a scientist doesn't believe that they are the truth, either. THAT is why science is no religion, and not a matter of faith.

To believe that there is some truth to a theory requires no faith, it simply means they are able to look at the evidence. "Well, this gravity idea certainly seems reasonable...everytime I drop this rock it falls right down."

What science has the religion deffinately does NOT have is flexibility, and acceptance of new ideas and removal of old ones.
Originally Posted by IG-64
Pretty much.
Care to elaborate just what about the logical structure of it isn't impressing you?

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