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You are right about the purpose of this thread - the topic should give it away. Since every few months a creationist vs evolution thread flairs up it seems sensible to have a thread ocntaining evidence supporting the evolution side of the argument.

You are welcome to start a "Creationism - and how we know it is right" thread if you want. But it will be very short. It will bascially consist of "because thats what my parents told me" and not much more.

Originally Posted by IG-64
And you must remember that there is some basis for creation.
I've never heard anyone mention any. Did i miss it?

Originally Posted by Samuel Dravis
Ususally, it's paired up with the idea of Irreducible Complexity, which makes it harder to dismiss. Even then, many of the supposedly irreducibly complex organisms that the ID/IC supporters have chosen turn out not really to be IC. Then they move to the next 'IC' bit of life. It's clearly not going to stop them to show that they are wrong in any given situation, and it's impossible to show that they are wrong in all situations.
That is what i was trying to show with my recent post about scientists making a major fosil discovery.

- Evolution gains new evidence every day, and hasn't yet run into a single thing that even remotley disproves it.

- Creationism/ID/IC has a part of it disproved every day and keeps having to shift its battlegrounds as it retreats. Pretty soon all they will be left with is "Creationism is true because we say it is" - which is pretty much all they have ever really had anyway.

@IG-64: the fact that a large proportion of the world believes in creationism is no reason to give it credence. A large proportion of the world believes in ghosts, goblins, aliens, voodoo, witch doctors and a lot of other myths too.
The only thing that is surprising is that belief in these fairytales isn't restricted to remote tribes and undeveloped cultures - but also seems to aflict supposedly advanced cultures like the US!

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