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Originally Posted by ET Warrior
Care to elaborate just what about the logical structure of it isn't impressing you?
You've probably heard all my arguments before from other Christians. If I use my imagination, I can think of how stuff might possibly get more advanced through natural selection within a species. I don't, however, get how multiple species help each other out in a chain somehow. What is this natural law that tells a species to help another species in a certain way?
Also, I don't believe the earth can be that old. I just don't. I don't believe you can accurately date anything that old. I don't like the reasoning behind the dating system. In order to date something billions of years old, you have to assume the universe is billions of years old in the first place. And there would be so many changes in the world in that amount of time, it just seems unfathomable that you could accurately predict how any of it happend.
I also have yet to see the stockpiles of transitional fossils. It seems like over millions of years of generations of all the species, there would be massive piles of these fossils everywhere.
And I have seen some of the diffrent transitional fossils. You can't really be sure in any way those diffrent species actually evolved into each other. I know the evolution of the horse is used alot as an example but it seems like it could be trasitional species, or it could just be similar species found from all over the world and put together in a hypothetical phase of the evolution of a horse.
The transitional species of humans are pretty unimpressive as well. It seems like the entire logic of it is based simply on the fact that humans and apes look alike. It seems like all the species found are either apes that kind of look like humans (and in some cases are dramatized in "recreations" to looks more like humans than they actually do) or vice verca, a human that looks kind of like an ape. I also heard the other day that human-apes and humans supposedly lived together now?
More uncertainty can be found in the evolution of the dinosaur to modern birds. It seems like at first dinosaurs evolved into birds... Now they're saying birds evolved into dinosaurs?
And then theres the geologic column. Theres no where on earth you can actually see a whole geologic column. So isn't that just hypothetical as well? And all the stuff that goes on with the rock layers. You can't really prove it happend over billions of years. For all you know, it could've happend all at once. Or in short bursts. Who knows.
A very large reason I don't believe in evolution is that I beleive everything has a purpose. We have to be here for a reason. It can't just all be pointless.

Those are a few of the reasons. I have more but I gotta do school now.

[EDIT] Lol, i'm not even gonna try to respond to all that, skinwalker. I didn't mean to insult you. (though you technically called me a "nutter" which is what I was bouncing back on when I called you monkey boy. :P)
I'm just trying to get the message across that you can believe in creationism and not be an idiot. There are alot of smart people in the world and in history who believe in creationism.
As you can tell, i'm not very experienced at debates, and sometimes I have trouble getting my message across. I also tend to get worked up very easily.

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