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hmmmm tough one....

ep1: the naboo fighters are SO cool... but darth maul makes that movie ok in my book..... but to pick it for the best.... to little of maul to make it so.

ep2: Speeder chase through coruscant. battle between obi and jango. 20 jedi fighting in battle. yoda kicking ass. its very close to my best. but it very much lacked space battle. so it doesnt get it for me

ep3: oh just the beginning gives me goosebumps. the drums at the start and then just POW into spacebattle. (ps i LOVE spacebattles ). order 66 was cruel, darkside all over. lets just say plain AWESOME . (ps again. i love the dark side ) and the end battle between obi anakin... wow. very high on my list.. maybe even tied. but no... not the best.

ep4. reminds me so much of the old Star Wars Galaxies game.... its star wars at its best... makes you feel part of it. but no not the best.

ep5: introduced one of the coolest themes.... the imperial march. love it. darth vader at its best... story was great. but it missed my all time favorite thing.

ep6. this had the best thing. a HUGE spacebattle.... massive fighters against eachother.. capital ships.... just great... just AWESOME. ok the ewoks were bad but still... the space battle wins it for me.

best in my eyes. ROTJ

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