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Hey, tk102! I was just browsing through when I bumped into this thread, so I figured I'd take the opportunity to THANK YOU for the GREAT KSE savegame editor! I am fairly new (March) to this site and I have not had the chance to say thanks (although I've had plenty of chance to play with KSE). IMHO, KSE is simply the best MOD/utility available for KotOR 1 and TSL--- and I mean ANY MOD --- USM, Dark Apprentice, RedHawke's GREAT MODs --- and that is by no means a slight to them (I have over 40 active MODs on my current savegame, and I love them all!), but if I could only have one MOD on my game it would be KSE!

Great work, man!

I love all the functions of KSE, cheating in items, adjusting influence and attributes, changing appearances, but my favorite aspect is simply being able to change my party members' names. I know it isn't an earth-shattering, game-breaking thing, but I think it's great! I have always hated playing on the Dark side, becoming a Sith lord, recruiting my party into Sith apprentices, and not being able to re-name them Darth Whatever (in keeping with the TRUE spirit and story of STAR WARS). You have kindly solved this one time "daydream" of mine for this game, and now I have 7 little Darths running around TSL!

Also, do you plan on updating/upgrading KSE in the near future? And if you do, what are you thinking of adding/changing?

DarthMaul, KSE is a Savegame Editor hence it is a tool, not a Mod. They are quite different things. -RH
Edit tk102: Thank you for the kind words DarthMaul v.1/2. I'm glad it has enhanced your gameplay experience. There are no real plans for updating KSE at this time.

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