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Originally Posted by ET Warrior
The important difference is in frequency and timing. Science has, is, and will always be undergoing change. It is designed to do so. Religion is most deffinately NOT. There may be times when some of the Dogma is changed or re-interpreted, but it is infrequent, and not planned for. It is also generally met with extreme resistance.
Nice job ignoring the question. You just cling to that argument if it makes you feel better.

And just as a call out, Great thread! I actully got thinking about evolution more (science is not really my cup of tea) and learned some stuff, I really enjoyed it.

And special thanks to Krugan for his post about the books of the bible, that was really cool and I enjoyed reading it.
(I'm saying this cause I fear the thread is going to decay rapidly while I am away over Easter, and it was such a good one too )
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