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I agree that's a good question too. I think that it's another even match. The Chief might be stronger and faster, and especially resistant to damage due to the armor. But I agree with Niner that Boba has better weapons. I think Boba probably has slightly better combat skills; he's had it tougher than the Chief, being that Boba was orphaned at around age 7 when Mace took Jango's head. Boba would know how to survive in a harsh galaxy.

I'd have to question the strength of Mandolorian iron though. Boba did survive the Sarlacc pit, but from what I understand, Boba did lose his original armor in the process, and had to take the imposter Jodo Kast's Mando armor at a later date (Another testament to Boba's combat ability, maybe?)

In the end, I think it boils down to who can spot the other first. If the Chief can get the drop on Boba and manage to get in close, I think the Chief can destroy him, with with his hands or with shotgun blasts to the face. Not easy to accomplish, since Boba does have a jetpack and all. I think Boba's best bet would be to keep the Chief at a distance. His jetpack mounted rocket could probably eliminate the Chief's shielding, leaving the Chief open to other rockets fired from Boba's wrist gauntlet, or ranged shots from his EE-3 Blaster Rifle (one of my favorite sci-fi weapons)
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