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Originally Posted by zelda 41
(okay, new dialoge time!)

Rose:.....w-where am i? arm, it hurts.... am i dead?....
Raz: No. Thank god you're a chosen one.
Rose: What's a chosen one?
Rioko: The ancient psytanium crystals were found at the deepest part of the lake. The crystals can enhance a person's psychic powers. but the crystals each only work for one specific person. A crystal chosen one can be healed using a crystal. That's how we saved you. You are the chosen one of the red crystal. I'm the black crystal's, Raz is the white's, yunnie is the blue's, and the green chosen one has yet to be found.
Rose: That's alot of information to put into 30 seconds. So what do I do with the crystal?
Raz: Use it to increase your power and guard it from him .
Rose: Who's him ? and why do we space his pronoun.
Rioko: The one who killed my brother. His name is Loboto.

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