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Originally Posted by ET Warrior
No, in order to date something to that age you simply need to know the rate of decay in certain radioactive elements. Uranium-235, for example, decays into Lead-207. Uranium-235 has a half-life of 704 million years, so any rock that contains an even distribution of those two elements is likely to be approximately 704 million years old.
Which is similar to many early methods of telling time: like the water clocks. All you need to know is the rate at which the water flows out of the jar and you can estimate reliably and repeatably how long it will take for a certain amount of water to flow out. Infact its similar to almost every measuring method we have that makes our world possible.


So, the catholic pope doesn't thin evolution is incompatible with god. 9/10 coe/protestant clegry believe in evolution. Is it only the evangelical fringe that is left saying "i just don't believe it - no matter what proof you show me"?


One thing that struck me reading a few recent posts about religion is that Christianity has "evolved" in a almost identical way to life!

Originally there was just one christian faith, but over time it has split and split again. At each split the new "species" resembled their ancestor, but modified their beliefs slightly based on their environment and how it affected them. Certain "species" prospered and gained more followers, others became too specialised and became extinct. Some "species" competed with each other over resources (followers) and killed each other off.

Now, rather than one simple christian religion we have 100s of different "species" off christianity - many of which have diverged so much that they are totally incompatible with each other's beliefs - and you would hardly imagine that they could have come from the same common ancestor.

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