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Originally Posted by Darth_Ave
Chloe stood there and listened to the whole thing. "WTF are you talking about 'chosen one' and 'crystals'? Are you high or somthing cause if so, well, I don't know."
Raz: Back when ford Cruller was still alive, Ford saw the furture. He knew that Loboto had not been dead and knew who could defeat him. The chosen ones are psychics born with special energy that only they have. There are 5 chosen ones. Each has a corresponding crystal. Ford created the crystals to help a chosen one to unlock their true powers. The first chosen one was me. I was the white crystal's chosen one. Rioko and his brother came to camp and found out they were chosen ones as well. Rioko was black crystal's and his brother's was the the blue crystal. Rioko's brother died trying to protect the remaining crystals from loboto. The blue crystal chose a new owner and that's how yunnie got the blue crystal. the red crystal seems to have chosen Rose. The green crystal has yet to choose. Oh wait it's glowing. The only two other people with no crystal is Joe and Chloe. *points crystal and joe and crystal glows brighter* Well joe is the green crystal's chosen one. Rose, joe, get your new crystals and see Rioko for crystal training tomorrow. You too yunnie.

Rose: *thinking*Yes! Rioko's the crystal trainer! And I'm a prophesized guardian of a crystal. cool*done thinking*

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