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Originally Posted by Prime
I just think they would never have the balls to do it. But frankly I'm glad there aren't multiple lines of continuity...
So just label the current EU "infinities" and start up a new EU line that follows the current six movie saga. It means more money for them. It would piss off die-hard EU fans, but it would please many more fans I think, who either don't follow the EU, haven't followed it or are disgusted with all the contradictions and retconning.

The **** ones? That would be up for them to decide. Basically, I think they would just to have to more rigorously apply canon concepts now that we have the entire movie picture.
If they restart the EU, that doesn't mean they can't use ideas from the old EU in the "new" continuity. You could re-imagine Thrawn as a (human) upstart Imperial officer who escaped with his Star Destroyer after the DSII blew up, regrouped with some fellow Imperials and tried to attack some New Republic posts.

Or worse, that Lucas himself reads each book and provides feedback/guidance, or that the EU is all his ideas and his vision.
I agree. Before ROTS I heard lots of people defend the EU by saying something along the lines of "Lucas reads all of it and gives it his personal feedback and approval!" When in reality (with few exceptions, like the ROTS novelisation for one) I'm told he's just given summaries or rough drafts to give a stamp to, if that. He makes them sign off on some part of the story they're not "supposed to touch" like the period of the Clone Wars or the history of the Sith (even though BOTH those topics have been written about, oops) because he's going to. Or he'll even give them some feedback, then change his mind and boom you've got a contradiction! He obviously doesn't provide a whole lot of oversight for the most part or you wouldn't have multiple stories of the capture of the Death Star plans or multiple stories of Boba Fett's escape from the Sarlacc and return, or multiple stories of Boba Fett's origin... and being contradicted what's implied in the movies now. Lucas said he let Fett be brought back in the EU because the fans wanted it and he was so popular even though Lucas himself was "baffled" and "surprised" by the character's popularity and that he intended for the character to die in ROTJ, and only had he known how popular he was going to be with fans, he might have given him a more glorious death, or even edited in a scene of him escaping (he joked).

It would just do so much good for the overall story to have it tie in better with the entire movie saga (and get rid of all the KJA stuff).
I say restart it and you won't have to worry about picking and choosing parts of this story or that story (which is how it is now, you're just supposed to read it and ignore certain parts or retcon them in your mind if you were writing some continuous narrative of the "real star wars story").

I'm referring to Lucas's comments on the AOTC commentary stating that lightning is a Sith power.
Can you post his exact words? I seem to remember something along those lines where he said the Emperor uses these Sith powers, so I wanted to introduce them with Dooku or something like that? Because clearly he shows Yoda using "Sith powers" here too. So Jedi can use "Sith powers." The movies themselves never label a power as "Jedi" or "Sith" (though Qui Gon Jinn does proclaim Darth Maul to be "well trained in the Jedi arts"... at least Grievous being trained in the "Jedi arts" makes some sense since Dooku was a Jedi, though he has no force ability, so he must just mean saber fighting).

It is really the silly mean/rude/*******/punk = cool mentality. This seems to have been applied freely to the NJO Jedi, which is a shame...
Right, but I see it as this Mary Sue type thing. People write books about the kind of things THEY would do if THEY suddenly had Jedi powers. They'd be these badasses who used the force to win at gambling, get girls, and avoid speeding tickets. They'd be all dark and gloomy and edgy and "gray" and better fighters than the movie characters. The movie Jedi are fairly straight-laced and rather "boring" as characters, so they don't fit into this badass punk attitude that the EU Jedi seem to be drawn to. I mean even Mace Windu, whom everybody proclaimed as a "badass" just because he was played by Samuel L. Jackson, who was in Jackie Brown, Pulp Fiction and Shaft, so he was typecast as a "badass" character (even though his Jedi persona mostly just wandered around and sat in a chair talking... I mean sure he killed Jango Fett, but so what? Jango was just some thug for hire in a suit of armor and no force powers. It wasn't until ROTS that he was shown to have any exceptional ability at all... and that was compared to his fellow "Jedi Masters" who just stood there and let Sideous cut them down like idiots). Mace Windu's "attitude" is limited to two lines "I don't think so" (which Obi-Wan also utters, how many people call Obi-Wan a "badass mofo"?) and "he's too dangerous to be left alive" (with a certain maleovolence).

Of course the EU plays it up and says that he uses some "forbidden" lightsaber style that "borders on the Dark Side" and that he has some super power seeing "shatterpoints" and that his lightsaber is something special (not just an unusual color). But I think the "badass Jedi" attitude is largely unsupported by the prequels and undeserved. If anything, the badass Jedi are the ones who betrayed the order and turned evil, and guess what? They all get killed! The only one who was redeemable was Anakin, and that took 20 years and he still died for it. In the EU you have Jedi turning to the dark side left and right, and turning back is no big deal really. Plus they get away with so much crap.

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