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Originally Posted by Kurgan
The retcons needed in one source may not be "massive" but over the entire EU yes, they really pile up.
A good point. I wonder how many authors and game developers looked at what they had to build from or work into their story and had a "OMG I have to incorporate that??" response...

Originally Posted by Kurgan
Of course you have other problems, if Lucas is going to consider this TV series to be anything canon (it'll probably just be C-level, but I know some folks are hoping it'll be G-level just because Lucas is rumored to have a hand in the early episodes through writing credit or something)
For some reason I seem to think that he is going to be involved on the producing side. He may start off the story though. Actually, do we know what technically makes something G-canon? Is it only something that has a story (all or parts) that come from Lucas? Or is just a production that Lucas controls (such as producing)?

Originally Posted by Kurgan
it'll probably introduce some contradictions of its own on the EU.
Probably? Every time Lucas creates something new in Star Wars it invalidates something in the EU and thus requires a retcon.

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