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Recon droids

This is probably old news, but I thought I'd post it for newbies. (Please, NOT No0Bs)
The Recon will trigger enemy mines when it goes over one, but has a much smaller "trigger" radius. Try to get in front of your teammates when they go down hallways or choke points, and shoot/set off any enemy mines in the area.
The built in laser is weak, about as good as a pistol, but I HAVE killed human enemy players with USE it. At the least, it distracts them.
The best thing: go into enemy territory with it. Find a rocket unit, and follow him. As soon as he lays a mine you'll trigger it and it'll kill him. Better yet, hover around a choke point where there's mines, and wait for enemies, preferably human, to walk into that area, then dart over the mines. It'll get the mine layer plenty of TKs and teammates yelling at him for TKing them. Hilarious. They never know what hits them.
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