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Originally Posted by DARTH_PLAGUS
Why would you think that boba was orphaned at age 7, what about the chief did you ever read the books, John is his name and he was thrown out into the jungle with a few other people at 12 yearsa old after he was taken for about a couple of years and expected to find his way back. I recommend you read the halo books.
I have read the Halo books. John 117 also grew up with all of his brothers and sisters; all the other fellow Spartans. The chief had people he could rely on. I don't recall the same deal for Boba.

The Chief was a wreck in the 2nd Halo novel too, when he thought all the other Spartans were dead. Almost got ambushed by a Covenant pincer move just after he crash landed on Halo. No competent soldier would not realize that they'd have to fight differently if there was only 1 of him and more of the enemy.

I wouldn't give the HE pistol too much credit either. It still takes about 5-7 shots to down a shielded elite. Republic Commando armor may be weaker than the Chief's armor, but it's not worthless
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