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Welcome to fandom! Get used to it... :P

Also I object to the term "poeple".

As for General Grievous (I notice Kurgan is spelling it correctly now ), you would think he would be extremely skilled seeing as how he has lightsabers from Jedi he killed.
Good gravy, don't you know that in Star Wars they don't speak or write in english? You couldn't pronounce his "real name" if you tried! The Jedi he killed died of laughter, after hearing his smoker's cough and seeing his ridiculous outfit and contortionist mannerisms.

Personally, I don't see what people are complaining about.
Bad writing, unimaginative ideas, cliched characters with cheesy dialouge, contrived storylines and deus ex machinas. And it's bad enough what we have to put up with from Lucas himself... at least he can be forgiven for creating Star Wars in the first place. These other guys and gals? Hmm...

On the whole, I think the EU does fine with contradictions. Any that come up, can easily be explained.
It deals with them like comic book franchises. Oh read this new issue/series and just pretend that other stuff didn't happen like you remember it. Taking it to the next step and restarting it would be in keeping with this philosophy. They go to the well one too many times. I'm not asking for a "Crisis on Infinite Earths" Star Wars saga, just a restart of the EU line. I think that would be the best for the series. Nobody's life is at stake if the EU contradicts or even sucks hard, but I think it would be a good freshening of ideas for the "long haul." I mean if you were a Star Wars author, which would you rather do, spend your time fixing mistakes of other authors or having the freedom to create brand new stories, without fear that somebody else had already trampled through this territory and only allowed you a tiny bit to explain yourself? I'd personally be mad if I were forced to acknowledge every half-baked idea of people from the last 20 years in my stories and then get nailed by people on what I didn't get right, only to have some other author come along and invalidate what I just wrote. And some people like KJA can seem to avoid appearing to be hacks (look at the criticism he's recieved both in Star Wars and Dune), and yet who's ideas become officially gospel.

Anyway, what's funny to non-fans is how Star Wars fans think they can explain all the contradictions in the series, or how knowledgable they are of non-movie stuff to explain the complicated lore, that doesn't agree with itself. Just the other day I was having a conversation with another fan, and his interpretation was totally different. The average fan has no idea what the heck is going on, it's so confusing now.

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