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Originally Posted by Niner_777
I think that in both senarios each opponent has the potential to beat the other one, and rather quickly. However, if a Spartan throws a frag gernade, the commando(or Boba Fett) isn't going to stand still and let it take out his sheild. He's going to get out of the way. Same applies for if a commando throws a gernade, as well as for bullets. No matter how good of an aim each is, they are both going to make themselves hard targets. That is what is going to make the fight as interesting as it would be.
I agree Niner. I think it really comes down to their combat skill and not necessarily the weapons they carry.

I know I gave an example of how I thought a fight between The Chief and Fett might go. I would like to point out that it's kinda hard to debate this topic on the weapons aspect. Who's to say that the Chief's HE pistol (or the sniper rifle) can or can't punch through Mando armor in one or 2 hits? Is a bullet from the MA5B assault rifle the equivelant of a blaster bolt from a DC-17m? Do grenades have the same effect on the corresponding opponent's armor? Could a commando's ec grenade effectively shut down the Chief's powered armor, and kill Cortana in the process? etc. etc.

Also, Plagus, I said that I thought that Boba Fett had a rougher childhood than the Master Chief. I was supporting my argument that Boba Fett can operate solo more efficiently than the Chief. But just slightly. I still think that it would be an even match regardless. The Chief is still a very, very tough soldier, phsically and mentally.

My opinions are as follows; It would take a full squad or 4 RC's to have a chance of defeating a Spartan. The Spartan would be too tough for one Commando to take alone. A fight between the Master Chief and Boba fett would depend on who can spot the other first, because I don't think that either one of tham have an advantage big enough that the battle would sway too far in one or the others favor.
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