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Originally Posted by Prime
For some reason I seem to think that he is going to be involved on the producing side. He may start off the story though. Actually, do we know what technically makes something G-canon? Is it only something that has a story (all or parts) that come from Lucas? Or is just a production that Lucas controls (such as producing)?
Generally I think it's only going to be G-canon if he claims it as his own. But most of us assume it only becomes that if he has writing credit. Because technically everything Star Wars has written somewhere "based on characters and situations by George Lucas" or "based on Star Wars by George Lucas" (sort of like how all Star Trek is "based upon Star Trek by Gene Roddenberry" even if it was made long after the great bird died). Produced isn't enough because he's produced stuff that only ended up as C-Level (Shadows of the Empire, Star Wars Holiday Special, iirc and possibly others).

Probably? Every time Lucas creates something new in Star Wars it invalidates something in the EU and thus requires a retcon.
Well it depends. If he dances over certain areas he might be able to avoid contradiction, but I doubt it. He'll probably run roughshod over something, since we do have some statements about material between Episode III and IV. If he shows Palpatine but doesn't show his body rotting from using the Dark Side too much and transfering his soul into new adult cloned bodies from the Spaarti cylinders, that'll be a contradiction. If he shows Thrawn but doesn't show him as part of the Chiss exploring the "Unknown Regions" within the galaxy and becoming this awesome Grand Admiral, that could be a contradiction. If he shows anything with the Noghri that isn't by the book, etc. (and they are small assassins, not big hulking blue apes!).

And that's another thing, if he shows anything from Zahn's books or Dark Empire's backstory, would he go with the original versions (and contradict the current retcons out or coming out?) or would he go with the retconned versions (and everything would be "fine") or would he go with new versions? (and contradict even the new stuff about them).

Will he show Jorus C'boath come out of nowhere to get cloned and killed? Will he show "Garm Bel Ibis"? Will he show this Prince Xizor character?

Will he show Luke at all? (and if he does and puts him on adventures, boom, huge contradictions there unless it's just hanging out with his pals and racing his skyhopper for kicks in Beggar's Canyon). Will he show Kyle Katarn? (he'd have to be really careful on that one). Etc..

But yeah in essence I agree with you. I wouldn't trust Lucas to do it "by the book" and not invalidate something. There is really no era that is totally safe, except something "far in the future" (even the stories set way before the movies still repeat the same stuff endlessly... making the Republic, the Jedi and Sith Orders into some kind of eternal organizations in constant strife).

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