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Rioko came and saw Rose bleeding. "Get her to the main lodge and put her in the blue machine. It will keep her alive until we can get her crystal back. I'll find Loboto." said Rioko. Rioko stormed off into the lake and saw the red crystal, but one of loboto's robots were closing in. "*pulls out black crystal* shadow strike!" said Rioko. A dark aura surruonded the robot and the robot was crushed to oblivion. Rioko teleported to the main lodge. Rioko put Rose on the chair and put the crystal in her hand."*wakes up* huh. Where am I. Oh! Got to get crystal back from Loboto!"cried Rose. "It's ok. rioko got the crystal back" said yunnie. "You lost the crystal so easily. You need training. See me tomorrow. all of you."said rioko. rioko disappeared into the darkness of the night.

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