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Rose: Thank god I'm okay.
Yunnie: You SUCK at fighting, ya' know.
Rose: Yah, I know. *walks off*

While Rose is walking, she sees Lobato and he spots her.
Rose: Dammit, not again. Well I'm ready.
Lobato: Well well, if it isn't that weakling, Rose. I see where you got your weakness from. That Rachel, she was such a bad fighter.
Rose: Shut the hell up! She was strong! Stronger than you!
Lobato: Then why is she dead?
Rose: It's not my fault! What happened was an accident.
Lobato: Maybe, or maybe YOU killed her.
Lobato: Awww, you going to cry? Like the little weakling you are?
Rose...I said....
Lobato: Cry little baby, cry.
Rose:....I said...I said....
Lobato: So, are you going to adimit it was your fault?
Rose:.... I SAID SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!!!!

Rose uses TK to lift him, then beats the crap out of him. Then, she yelled I'LL KILL YOU FOR THAT YOU BITCH!!!! and uses pyrocinesis to catch him on fire. Then, as Lobato is about to flee, she psi blasted him to try to kill him. Rioko, Yunnie, Joe, Chole, and Raz come as soon as she screams thinking she was hurt. But, they were in awe when they saw her killing him.

Labato: Oh s***, I'll be back for your crystel you brat! *Jet rockets up and out of there*

Rose sat there with a deomentic look in her eyes. Slowly, she stood up and walked out of there, then into a run. She ran all the way to the beach to get a conue and go to Laboto's lab to finesh what she started.

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