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I think if you take the actual idea and adjust it (a lot!) it would make a great high-budget TV series with a dark feel. So you could use real-life actors and have real-life settings but have such high production values that it suits the premise. The the story would evolve over the 12/24 episodes and you could add sub-plots etc. So it wouldn't be the game, but it would be an amazing series. The main problem I can think of would be the years 1/2/3/4 which wouldn't work (unless season 1 was year 1, season 2 was year 2 and so on). You could change the story and have it as a continuous thing (so maybe making it so that intead of Manny owning the place in Rubacava he just works in the casino. I haven't thought it out in detail but it would be an amazing series.
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