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Rose had made it across the lake by then and was at the top.
Rose: Hmp, where is he?
Lobato: Oh god, she's back. Hello Rose. Come to give your crystel up?
Rose: Screw you! Now come down here so I can kill you!
Lobato walks away to get somthing.
Lobato: Hey child, I got somthi'n for you.
Behind Lobato was Rose's sister. Rose began trembling because she was alive!
Rose:S-Sis? I-Is that you???
Rachel:....You pethetic loser...
Rose felt tears again. She was not expecting this this year.
Lobato: Hahaha... if you want your sister, then you must fight,...
Behind Lobato was somone Rose admired. That person was, Rioko.
Lobato: RIOKO!
Lobato had created a fake Rioko to fool Rose. Unforthinitly, Rose did not know.
Rose:R-Rioko, why are you evil? He killed your brother!
Lobato: So Rose, fight him to the death or she dies.
Rachel sat in the corner starring to the sky.
Rose:....I won't fight you Rioko. We're friends.
Fake Rioko instantly used a psi blast and shot her in the head. Rose fell over and mumbled some words. Then, she went into rage mode.She didn't bother with Rioko.She went for Lobato. This time, she got him as she caught the island on fire. Then, she fell uncontios, or worse, died.

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