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Chloe sat in the lodge, talking on the phone with her best friend, Kara.

"Yeah, everythng here is so weird. There's this thing with these 'crystals' and all this other jibberish I'm not in on."
"Oh I heard it was a good show. Don't worry, I'll be back in time to watch the finale of it with you."
"YEAH, Some dumbass blue guy ruined my bracelet. YEAH, the chanel one. Yeah, I know, I'm really pissed."
"Well, I'll see you next week. Kisses! ~makes a smooch noise.~ bye"
~hangs up the phone.~
Chloe then dials the number of her boyfriend, Stephen.
"Hey honey." She says, "I miss you, how you been?"
A look of concerned sadness goes over Chloe's face.
"WHAT?? NO, I......I...I'LL."

she was hung up on.

Chloe sat there and cried. Her boyfriend went and got another girl pregnent. That other girl, was Chloe's worst enemy, Heidi.
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