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In heaven.
Ford Cruller: What the hell is this turning into?! a teenage soap opera! I'm gonna go see what Rioko, Raz and Joe are up to.


Rioko: Oh no. Rose is almost dead. she will die if she doesn't get out of Rage form. Shadow clear! this will get her out of rage form.

Joe:what did you do?

Rioko: i stoped her rage form by slowing down her dark side. I invented this technique to stop myself if I went into rage mode.Loboto's gone. Damn it!

Raz: I'll get Rose to Sasha's lab. you guys go to bed.

That night somehow, Yunnie's, Rose's, and joe's minds left their bodies. They found themselves deep within rioko's own mental world. It is very, very, VERY, dark.

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