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Originally Posted by machievelli
Every family has that black sheep they don't like to talk about. Besides, there's almost 2,000 years between them. What were your ancestors like back around the time of Christ?
Good point but I don't even know who my ancestors were 2,000 years ago let alone know what they were like or what they did. I've only identified about 600 years worth of my ancestors and even that has holes in it. Based off your response though I've assumed that you have indeed made Dasa Sunrider an ancestor of Nomi Sunrider. Fine by me but I was just curious if that was what you intended. Dasa and Daysah could end up together and with children and she could be a good influence on Dasa as well as her children, introducing a refining element to the family that could have a positive impact on future generations of Sunriders. Or not.

Retribution in the form of destruction of company property is oh so wonderfully close at hand. The young Mando warriors will be avenged on their enemies! And it sounds like so much fun too. Seems that Breia is understanding she can't really change their nature so she has to work to channel their aggressive natures in a more positive direction. And I have to assume that Suli Corona doesn't have much experience with monks of the Jedi Order as his lackeys did such a poor job at disarming Breia. Seems like her captors made quite an oversight when they didn't discover the darts Breia had concealed on her person. Too bad for them, heh-heh-heh.

This story is wonderful reading. As Renegade Puma stated you have a masterfully written plot.

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