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Rose: It's kind of dark. Why?

Rioko: I have no parents, no friends, and the only person who meant something to me, my brother, is dead. Do you think it's supposed to be bright and shiny?anyway, You will recieve individual training. The others are training with other me's. I control what happens here. First I will teach you to absorb the crystal.

Rose: What do you mean?

Rioko: You must merge with the crystal to make sure nobody can snatch it without killing you. This also helps unlock more crystal powers. All you have to do is focus energy into the crystal. The crystal will then become a part of you and you will be able to merge with it. you must remember to keep your energy focused in the crystal or it might solidify before it goes in you comepletely.

Rose:You mean like this. *merges with the red crystal*

Rioko: you got it! That quick? It took me an hour. It took Raz a week. Now onto the next lesson. Evolving psi-blast into psi-spear...

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