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Computer screen black-out!


My old PC is messing with me again. Turned out my Geforce 2 card died totally (after being half dead for a year now :P) last week, can't blame it though... it has fought for 4 years now And I'm proud.

Anyways I went to PC City store and bought a new card ... can't remember exactly but it's also a Geforce card. It's not too new and it's compatible with older systems like my old PC. It worked pretty nicely the first 5 minutes until the screen just blacked out and refused to go on again. I restarted my PC a few times but still the same. The screen just dies after a while for some reason.

You guys have any idea? I'm too stupid.

[edit: Oh holy ****... wrong forum... someone move this to the approriate forum if there is one! -.-]

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