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Even more rebel propaganda lies! You are sadly misinformed!
The so called 'Ghorman Massacre' was clearly an accident, misinformed rioters - stirred by scrupoulless rebel conspirators - rushed to a landing platform ... ignoring all security regulations. The poor guy who piloted that ship of course couldn't stop the landing procedure in time. Yes, you can throw yourself under an At-At's feet - but when you're squashed, don't blame the empire and expect to be revered as a martyr! The organisators of such demonstrations are clearly behaving completely irresponsible - the people who do this only care for the show effect on the holo net, not for the security of their hapless followers.
And Alderaan? They always speak of Alderaan - this oh so peaceful world of philosophers and flower collectors. HA! It was a center of treachery and unrest, where criminals of all kind could gather freely to plot their nefarious acts. You can bet that it was everything but a defenseless civil world. In any case, its transformation into an asteroid belt - as pretty and sensible as that may have been - was in fact due to a huge asteroid that was on its course to the planet. The Death Star was sent into the system in a selfless attempt to destroy that planetkiller. Nobody on Alderaan was warned about the incoming asteroid, of course, because the elite had already made their escape - it was all a heinous conspiracy intended to frame the empire for the tragedy. As you can see - some people still believe it even now! Many lives could have been saved, if the Empire had been informed earlier. Ah well, as I said - it's no great loss to the galaxy. The Empire would have been perfectly within its right to blast it.
A few words to the Emperor and his history: Tyrannical regime? Ha! He was elected fairly and in a democratic process. He had just ended a huge galactic conflict - when the Jedi traitors suddenly tried to assassinate him and ursurp his power. He was severely wounded - but he still faithfully does his difficult duties despite all treachery in order to return peace and order to the galaxy. That is quite remarkable - for such a 'decrepit' old man, don't you think?
As to the Hurrim affair - so you admit that you are in contact with dangerous criminals? What did you expect them to do? It's in the nature of such criminals to shoot at the helpless and to eliminate witnesses. Some of those rebels may have had a little conscience and suddenly changed their plans, but for each of those incidents - how many times do greed and fanatism win over? Besides, all you've accomplished to do is steal imperial supply goods - charity food, that was intended to be used for impoverished colonies. So - can you rest easily with the thought of the thousands of children your thieving has left with an empty belly? And do not speak of the supposed heroism of this Dunari! The man is a seedy casino owner ... hardly a trustworthy fellow.
Concerning Wookies - I have been to Kashyyk many times - and I've seen the filthy hovels those critters live in. This is certainly not culture! You are of course right, ordinarily, visitors to this planet are ripped apart without mercy by those feral beasts - but not if they are part of a well trained reconnaisance mission that managed to save several civilian passengers of a wrecked spaceship deep in the forbidden jungle. Yes, we were attacked several times - but our blasters were steady and discipline and courage prevailed against the wookies primitive rushes. Trust me - what the rebel propaganda tries to tell you about wookies - that they are brave big teddy bears - is nothing but a bunch of lies.
I am a veteran of the imperial taskforce that ended the Sepan Civil War - at great risk to our own lives, we brought an old and bloody feud to an end - and that is just one example of the Empire acting as a benevolent peacekeeping force in the galaxy.
As to your challenge: It's not my fault that you choose to fly in an inferior vessel because it lulls you in the false security of a thick layer of shields. And -quite possibly - it is indeed the better vehicle for the typical rebel pilots. You would be lost in a tie fighter and unable to use its superior maneuverability anyway. It takes a lot of skill and training to be a succesfull tie pilot - whereas rebels can grab any poor guy off the streets and dress them in one of their orange flightsuits - then stuff them into a fighter and lead them to battle. I guess the shields do help them to stay alive for a few more seconds, as does the hyperdrive that they need to run away. But it's ultimately their sheer numbers that present somewhat of a challenge to our experienced pilots.

Glory to the Empire!

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