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Man, you really need to quit hitting the Ryll spice. First of all, your blatant hypotheses are in complete contradiction with practically all sources of galactic history.
Just so you know, the convoy that was attacked by the combined Alliance-Hurrim force was carrying blasters and other weapons, not food. I saw the after action reports that came through that day, and they clearly said that the raiding forces discovered that the convoy ships were filled to the brim with all kinds of weapons, without even a single grain of barq on any of those ships. Ask any of the pilots or soldiers who took part in that engagement, and they will tell you the same.
Filthy hovels? Have you ever seen Kachirho City? I must say that their architecture rivals that of some buildings found on Coruscant! You obviously have no appreciation for the natural world. I don't know why you're talking about Wookiees attacking other beings visiting their world. I've been there several times, and every time the Wookiees were quite hospitable.
As for TIE Fighters, the controls on those ships aren't much more complicated that any other starfighter out there. You just don't have to worry about keeping your shields charged, and make sure you keep an eye on your scopes to make sure an enemy isn't lining up a shot on you. I've flown them in the combat simulator before, just so I can be familiar with some of the tricks you guys might try to pull on me. It's not that much different from rebel fighters.
Finally, since when did rebels ever outnumber imperial fighters? I find that it's almost always the other way around, except when dealing with Advanced TIE's or TIE Defenders. Now those are a real challenge.
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