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Somehow I doubt that blasting a hole in my chest counts as "helping me." Or at least attempting to blast a hole in my chest. Anyway, there is a reason that the New Republic revamped the old Imperial-class Star Destroyer and used it in its new spacefleet, Darthcarth. They didn't have enough large capital ships of their own (Mon Calamari cruisers, which are in fact superior to star destroyers. At least they don't have exposed shield generators on the top of the ship.) so they decided to use the many star destroyers that wisely joined the New Republic after the victory at Endor. Coraan, what if I was to tell you that you were the one who was being deceived? I'll bet that they didn't just teach you how to fly TIE fighters in that academy. They turned you into a mindless drone and taught you to love "Big Brother" erm, I mean Emperor Palpatine. From what I know about Imperial brainwashing, it's quite difficult to deprogram someone who has been exposed to it.
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