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Originally Posted by vader815
I hope in K3 that the final battle against you alone and the main sith lord that the battle will be more video like. I mean like you're jumping off walls and knocked down lightsabers or even a collapsing room and you're fighting while it happens.
i Agree with you , first of all the game is a Star wars game , then an rpg .(semi real time rpg.)

iam not going to talk about the combat system agian , but after 2 game's with the same combat system is getting anoying i dont realy feel some challenge to pause then put my skills on then unpause . Its like World of warcraft for me . [all you need is a good stats/item build then trust me or not u just use master speed then if i want i can go make me some food then come back even if i have 20 enemy atacking me i wont die.]

your idea about the level colapsing is very nice , huge rock going down on you should be able to make dmg you will have to move and fight at the same time should make more challenging.
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