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I don't know what lies the rebels tell, but the Empire doesn't blow holes in peoples chests, in fact you may even get help in your qeust to see the truth from Darth Sidious or Darth Vader themself. Even people that didn't surrender were offered to see the light. Just remember Luke Skywalker. Lord Vader did everything he could to help him see the light. He may have decided to keep living in lies, but that is HIS choice.

And the Emperor is an elected government official. In fact he loves democracy. But the rebels are doing everything they can to destroy democracy. Don't blame us for upholding democracy and the will of the people.

And mon calamari cruisers are not I repeat NOT superior to StarDestroyers. And having an external shield generator doesn't really matter. It can only be damaged once the shields are down. Do you really think the shields will recharge to a significant strecngt DURING a battle? Sure maybe afterwards, but you will still have battle damage that has to be repaired. Or in the case of the Empire you will only need a new paintjob (symbols have to be added for all the rebels you killed during the battle). Either way you still have to return to the shipyard so they can replace your shield generator if it had been destoyed (like it would be on rebel ships, not Imperial ships though, like I said they don't get damaged).

Also the TIEs you claim to hve destoyed can't be Imperial TIEs. Unless you shoot pilots in training on their first flight during take-off. That would make you a simple cowardly murderer. Any Imperial pilot that has well over 10 seconds of real flight can blow any rebel scum to bits. Now matter what ships the Empire and the rebels use. Even in the Z-95, V-Wing or even the 4000 year old Fighters from the Sith War (and still even older), Imperial pilots can take on rebel pilots in even TIE Defenders and Missle Boats. They can even take out mon calamari cruisers and correlian corvettes in those ships on their own with both hands tied behind their back and the flight controls and weapons completely removed. And I am NOT talking about suicide runs here, just fair combat.

And if Alderaan is peacefull then why do they have armed corvettes? That doesn't look peacefull to me.

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