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cutscenes would be good i wpouldent mind decapatating the boss of the game then burning there body> But if the boss of the game could like lift u up and throw u against walls and u like slide down them that would be ok and maybe u can do that 2 them like a level 4 push and doesnt look as bad as wave(whirlwind was better) and maybe u can like do more classy moves like some acrobatics but dont take it far, i wont get a 360 just for kotor3 itll come out on pc and ill get it on that i wont pay about 300 quid then the 50 or whatever the games r on 360 just for kotor 3 no MATTER WHAT!(well if revan returns?) anyways the combat should stay the same but just updating the moves looks they proved they could do it with force crush and with the extra power of a 360 its nearley limitless well until the ps3 then thell have a realy war1. The final battle for me i would like 2 see a useful thing for battle meditation u could only use it once in TSL propally maybe u could like have 2 turn the tide of a big war or somin i prefered the TSL final battle to the kotor one coz u didnt have 2 do as much work
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