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Corrective measure initiated:
What country are you talking about, sir? That one (just a wild guess)? Sorry, that's not mine and I can't really comment on its state. And this is not a discussion about history - especially not about the history of our mythical homeworld on 'earth'. It's just a friendly discussion about galactic politics. Praising the achievements of the empire while sneering a little at rebel scum should not be taken as a generalized and obviously incorrect statement that old earth's dictators were jolly good fellows. We are talking about spaceships and star colonies! Let's not get confused in that respect ...
Returning to the question of Star Destroyers vs. Mon Calamari: Well I have never heard of Mon Calamari cruisers being more powerful than Star Destroyers. Considering the valuable reference of the simulation program Tie Fighter, Mon Calamari cruisers are nearly on par with Star Destroyers ... but certainly not superior. And I have to agree with Jedi3112 - Tie Fighter pilots are very well trained & know that they are fighting for a just cause ... a combination that will let them triumph over any number of heavily armed rebel fighters.
Yet ... ultimately - it's the question this thread is asking: Which side do you prefer? Whom do you trust? It's up to the individual to decide who deserves loyalty.

Glory to the Empire!
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