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This is the first time I switch graphic card so I probably screwed something up along the way...

Simply, I just pulled out my old card and put in the new one then starting up the PC with a CD inserted, containing all the drivers. Then I just ran the installer... After a reboot it was running nice for a short period of time.

It has come to my mind that my old drivers is still in there somewhere, uninstalled... maybe that's why...

I don't really know what a PSU is (amateur... -_-) but something like Computer Specs I am familiar with, here's what I remember:

Pentium III,
672 MB RAM,
OS: Windows XP,
30 GB space (with only 2 or so remaining)

The guy in the store told me the card would just customize itself to my PC's limits...

First thing i'm gonna do in the morning is to go and find out my card's full name. Can't do it now in the middle of the night without awakening any sleeping bears. ^^''

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