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Battle Over Coruscant

My Second map,

Its a big Courscant space map (BOC = Battle Over Coruscant)

it features custom cockpits for all vehicles, heros for both sides,
multi-capital ships, and over 250+ modifed ship to ship turrets.


1. When you first download the file, it should be a zip file named "boc". Extract everything in the file to your desktop.
2. You should have extracted 3 files. One of them should be a readme text file named "Read Me" and the other two should be zip files named "BOC_Part_I" and "BOC_Part_II".
3. Extract everything from the zip file named "BOC_Part_I" to the desktop. You should have extracted a folder named "BOC".
4. Move the "BOC" Folder to your Star Wars Battlefront II AddOn folder in Crogram FilesLucasArtsStar Wars Battlefront IIGameDataAddOn.
5. Now, extract everything from the zip file named "BOC_Part_II". You should have extracted 3 folders named "FPM", "SIDE", and "Sound."
6. Move these three folders named "FPM", "SIDE", and "Sound" to the LVL_PC Folder in the "BOC" Folder that you just put in the AddOn folder. The location of the LVL_PC Folder is here.
Crogram FilesLucasArtsStar Wars Battlefront IIGameDataAddonBOCdata_LVL_PC

As you can see it's located in another folder named "data". Once you've put all 3 folders into the LVL_PC Folder it should work.
7. Enjoy.


Theres no sound for the heros and some units.


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