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Originally Posted by ScorLibran
The moment he proclaimed himself "Emperor" he ceased to be an elected official.

Sure but who has voted the extraodinary powers to Palpatine. It was the Senate not him self. Besides Republic was corrupted till bone. There was no way for it to survive.

And what about the Jedi order. Plz let me laugh. Don't do this don't do that. We use the force for self defense only. Bunch of liers.

Jedi attacked legaly elected chancellor. They wanted to seize the power and to rule the "Republic" with their jedi council. Right or Wrong ?

Besides, they self proclamed protectors of the Republic without being asked to do so. So who is evil ?

Palpatine wanted to save the Galaxy from much greater threat but with stub born jedi council it was impossible to do it.

The Empire provides the security and the stability to the galaxy.

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