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Originally Posted by ScorLibran
The moment he proclaimed himself "Emperor" he ceased to be an elected official.
He was elected Emperor. Did you not hear the big round of applause when he created the First Galactic Empire. That means the senators (also elected officials) agree with the decision of the chancellor. Off course, some couldn't take their democratic defeat and joined the seperatists in their rebellion against the Republic and now the Empire. Choosing to use terrorism to archieve their goals instead.

Yes Orao, you are absolutely right that the jedi are evil hypocritical liers. Though that doesn't refer to dark jedi like me. More commonly known as Sith, though I use jedi to prefent anybody thinking that I am talking about the species or ordinary Sith Troopers that heroicly fought in the Sith Wars.

The fact that ordinary jedi are evil hypocritical liers is most easily identified in the words of their own members. This is well known the any loyal Imperials, however for the simple minds of the rebels I shall explain

'Only a Sith deals in absolutes'. This however is in fact an absolute by itself. So therefor anybody that states this is in fact a Sith (suppose this would be true, off course). However the jedi say this, does this mean that jedi are Sith? If so doesn't that mean they should all commit massive suicide, because they fight the Sith?

Do the jedi allow for relegious/idealist freedom? No they don't. They force everybody to follow THEIR relegion. They don't let people follow the ways of the Sith. In fact they try to hunt down everybody that wants to follow the Sith ideals.

How about education? Education with the jedi is a laugh. They don't teach you ALL the aspects of the Force, the completely and consiously forget to teach you the power of the DarkSide. So they diliberatly keep people stupid. They even brainwash people to think the Sith are evil. They want to turn coinsious human beings into mindless droids, only capable to follow THEIR relegion and THEIR ideals.

I think I clearly demonstrated here that the jedi want to make everybody THINK that they are happy while in fact they are not truly happy, due to the lack of freedom. So as you can see, we Sith are only right by destroying this evil and restoring freedom to the galaxy. For we are gifted with the FULL Power of the Force and as such it is our duty to protect and restore freedom, protect the forest, introduce volkdancing, a 4 day workweek, and affordable healthcare for saxons and normans.
To do so,
[winston churchill voice]we will fight them on the beaces, we will protect our isle, we shall never surrender, and then they will say, never have so many owed so much to so few. [/winston churchill voice]
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