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"depends on your defintion of shortly?"

Hey, just need to vent for a few minutes...

Im really starting to get worried that the mod tools will not be released during my life time. Did the developers take Clinton's loophole of depends what your definition of the word is, is?

To me, shortly after the game is in stores means a week or two, at the very longest a would think that given the game was already pushed back on its release that the people over at petro would have had someone working on the map/scenario editor well in advance to game release...could "shortly" really mean 3 months and counting?

I understand all too well the difficulties involved in creating games, etc. but i mean come on! in 3 months you could create a completely new game...we are talking about an editor here. It wouldnt be bothering me so much if they had said, "we are not planning on releasing a map editor" and then BAM they slap one on us, that would be a surprise! and treated with much joy...but this "we have no comment on that at this time" thing is really starting to bug me...THE biggest reason i bought the game was b/c of the possibilities with the mod tools....

I dont mean to offend anyone, or annoy anyone, like i said just venting...feel free to pull this from the boards.

Plagus out.
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